Earth Day 2021

Earth Day at DA

April 21-22, 2021

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Join us to participate in the largest secular observance in the world! Every action counts, whether it’s planting, talking, tweeting, observing, conserving… See the pages on this site for ideas from the DA class of 2024 and the Upper School Sustainability Committee. And please add your own ideas by posting a comment below.

Find out more by visiting the global Earth Day site or watching this video:

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Activities at Home

Lots of people in our community are observing Earth Day at home, and there’s lots to do! Here are some ideas that specifically work for remote learners, teachers, and others in the DA community. Play a Kahoot made by Aarav Parekh ’24 and Vika Wei ’24 Join people around the world for an Earth Day …

Clear the Air

Please take our survey to find out how much carbon we’re releasing at drop-off and pickup from school! What steps have you taken to reduce your idling time? What are the challenges? Let us know in the comment section below.


In the pursuit of environmental sustainability, we can lose sight of the reasons as to why fight in the first place. Or, rather, we just may need some motivation that feels a bit more real and personal than a statistic or a graph. Art–whether it be digital, physical, painted, photographed, or otherwise–is a spectacular way …

Hiking Adventure

Our names are Alex, Allison, Kathryn, and Sarah and we are hosting a virtual walk/run in honor of Earth Day–think Turkey Trot in April! The goal: to notice and appreciate nature. It can be an all day excursion or something short and quick. Go alone, go with a friend, go with the family–whatever works for …

sCAVenger Hunt

Participate in our Earth Day sCAVenger Hunt! Students teachers, staff, families–everyone is welcome from April 19 to 30th. Choose your activities, take photos, and share your photos and thoughts in the padlet below.

Water Conservation

Reading A Long Walk to Water brought home the value of water to DA 6th graders. In response, they did research and want to share their findings in the form of infographics.

Raising Awareness

Play a Kahoot made by Aarav Parekh ’24 and Vika Wei ’24, or… Are you interested in planting plants this spring? Check out this pamphlet by Blake, Riley A, and Kate P to learn more about the best North Carolina plants and some planter’s tips!

Pollinator Plants

If we are able to plant these pollinator plants then we will end up helping the environment that we live in. The drawbacks to doing this are essentially nonexistent compared to the benefits of planting these plants. Planting these plants would increase the wildlife in that area of the campus and draw more bees and …


One way we can all help our local environment is by composting! It diverts food waste from harmful landfills, builds nutrient-rich soil, avoids methane emissions, supports sustainable farmers, and so much more! Plus: 60% of your waste stream is compostable! If you don’t compost at home, celebrate Earth Day by bringing one day’s food waste …

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