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Pollinator Plants

If we are able to plant these pollinator plants then we will end up helping the environment that we live in. The drawbacks to doing this are essentially nonexistent compared to the benefits of planting these plants. Planting these plants would increase the wildlife in that area of the campus and draw more bees and other pollinators to the land, helping to give the campus more plants and greenery thereby making our campus prettier than it is now. However, one of the drawbacks to planting these plants is that the amount of pollen in the air will increase. This could be bad for those who have pollen allergies, however as the area we plan on planting is far away from the school, there shouldn’t be too many issues for those with allergies. 

Pollinator Plants: The Best Perennials for a Pollinator Garden | Garden  Design
An example of how beautiful pollinator plants can be but at the same time be healthy for the environment.