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Electric Bike

All summer I’ve been talking about electric bikes and riding the one I bought in late June. I’ve learned a lot , and many people seem curious, so I’ve pulled together some thoughts–plus a little advice :). Why get an e-bike? I suppose there are as many answers as people to this one, but I …

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Educating for Sustainability Workshop

Brian and Amani

Such positive, inspiring, highly informed, data-based and comprehensive content. Not just science-y stuff, as many anticipated. There’s an entry point for all participants. Andrea Caruso, US Science On October 2-3, DA will offer Jaimie Cloud’s Introduction to Educating for Sustainability. This workshop was first held at DA in August 2022, when some 45 members of …

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Sustain-In Results

Approximately 100 people attended the Sustain-In on February 23 and spent the evening–or the whole night–talking sustainability at Durham Academy. There was attention to nature, thanks to a presentation by Merritt Schulz ‘25 and a night walk led by science teacher Andrea Caruso. There was discussion of the role sustainability plays in the school’s culture …

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Carbon Footprint Revealed! What’s next?

Student presenters

Total emissions and approaches to reducing them We have the report from Green Places, and it shows that DA generated 3,532 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2021-22. It’s the answer to a big, important question, yet it generates so many new questions! Some of them were addressed in a presentation on December 19 by …

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Students Present to Parents

students presenting to audience of parents

What is sustainability and why does it matter? By Rasna Prakash, President, DA Parents Association The DA Parents Association was fortunate to hear from the Upper School sustainability students at our December meeting.  Thomas Pollard ’24, Cana Yao ’26, Miller Roessler ’24 and Amelia Fay ’25 provided information to parents and caregivers about the opportunities …

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No Ocean of Plastic

Last week I had a coaching session with Jaimie Cloud, who is advising DA about our curriculum and culture for sustainability. Our conversation was helpful on multiple fronts, but one detail particularly stuck with me. Jaimie mentioned the widely quoted finding that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. For …

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What We Mean by Sustainability

Upper and Lower School students walking in woods

When the students in last year’s Environmental Sustainability class made a pitch to the Administrative Team, they asked that DA make a public commitment to sustainability. The Innovation Journey Grant is enabling us to move toward such a commitment for both operations and curriculum. In the meantime, however, the Sustainability Leadership Team took up the …

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How low can we go? Reducing trash at concessions stand

Waste receptacles with signs

By Ann Leininger, DA Parents Council Sustainability Liaison Following the lead of the Middle School, parents in charge of the athletics concession stand near the tennis courts set up a waste management station to help customers minimize the waste that goes to landfills. Gatorade bottles, pizza boxes, snack packages, and plastic film (from the cases …

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An Innovation Journey begins…

Sanju (headshot)

SustainABLE DA, fueld by an Innovation Journey grant, launches August 9-10  with forty-five teachers, administrators, staff members, Parents Council representatives, and Upper School student leaders working together in Horton Hall to create a shared vision. The effort is being led by Jaimie Cloud, who has been fostering Education for Sustainability (EfS) in public and private …

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Coming soon to a classroom near you!

DA Upper School elective course, fall 2022 Instructor: Tina Bessias, DA Sustainability Coordinator and Independent Study Coordinator Students in this course will be at the center of Durham Academy’s transition to environmental sustainability. Whether you are new to sustainability or an experienced leader,  you will grow your knowledge base and develop skills that are much in …

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