Category: Life Cycle Analysis

Game, Set, Match: Life Cycle of a Tennis Ball

To a a tennis player, a ball isn’t just rubber and felt; it’s a universe of possibilities. It carries the weight of countless hours of practice, the sting of losses, and the thrill of victories. In its fluorescent yellow skin, they find a companion, a nemesis, and a ticket to the sublime dance on the …

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The 1000 year life of your running shoes

What happens to your Nike’s when you are done with them, and how you can get the most out of them? Whether or not you play a sport, run recreationally, or simply play a pick up game every once in a while, running shoes are probably a part of your life in some shape or …

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Making a Dive for Sustainability

Amelia Fay (’25) As a volleyball player, and libero at that, I find myself going through a pair of kneepads every season. Sometimes it’s because the padding gets worn down or because the sleeve gets holes in it or because they just get so disgusting after getting drenched in sweat every day for three months …

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Sliding Head First At Sustainability

Player wearing DA Baseball Uniform

The Life Cycle of a Durham Academy Baseball Uniform Every DA baseball player has three uniforms. How do they get here? Where do they go after their time on the field? The components of the uniforms can be found by going the website where they’re ordered: the BSN Vault. The specs for a Nike baseball …

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Kicking Into Sustainability of Athletics

Life Cycle of Durham Academy Soccer Ball In eight years DA throws away 96 soccer balls. Durham Academy buys two bags of 12 SELECT soccer balls every two years for each varsity soccer team. The balls are labeled as practice balls. This means the quality of the ball is not as nice as a game …

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From Sole to Soul: The Extraordinary Journey of a Sock

From Sole to Soul: The Extraordinary Journey of a Sock. Yarn to landfill the  nike elote sock goes through many phases.Though the sources of the materials used in these socks seemingly is kept under lock and key the movement of these socks before they reach the consumer can be found, Starting in a factory in …

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Choose Your Warpaint

Consider the opportunity to change as something important to our current generation. Small victories are a way to work towards greater ones. For example, the opportunity to change the type of marking paint we use on our fields in order to help our athletics department to be more sustainable in the future. For our fields …

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Shining a Light on Sustainability

Life Cycle of a Lightbulb Flowchart

Think about all the lights you use throughout the day. More specifically, picture yourself in Kirby gym. There are 120 light bulbs, each with a specific life cycle and environmental impact. In a world where environmental sustainability is becoming a much bigger conversation, we often look for complex and big ways to reduce our carbon …

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