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From Red Alert to a Greener DA

DA Strategic Vision

During our August back-to-school meeting for faculty, I challenged my colleagues (and myself!) to create environments and experiences that are more:  humane  sustainable, and  open to the genius of our students I won’t dwell on the humane part here, but I do hope we are doing all we can to overcome the dehumanizing brutality of …

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Compost: Sustaining Circles of Life

Student wrapping arms around "Feed me" sign on bin

Since the dawn of time, the world has used and reused and reused and reused all of its resources from water, to nutrients, to air, and anything else you can name. The Law of Conservation of Mass still holds true in everything that we do today. Sustainability isn’t stopping some intergalactic cloud from exerting demonic …

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Our Home

Image of Earth from space

The recent string of extreme weather events got me thinking about home. I mean “home” as in the Greek oikos (like the yogurt), which is the root of “ecology“: the study of our home. Today we share our home with 7.7 billion people. We tend to focus on troubles and conflicts, but the dominant story …

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