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How Far We Went: On the Roads and in the Classroom

DA Minibus

Durham Academy is measuring its carbon footprint with the help of Green Places, a Raleigh-based carbon monitoring company. This partnership is supported by the SustainABLE DA Innovation Grant that began July 1.  The commitment by the Administrative Team inspired us, the students working on sustainability.  We knew we needed all hands on deck to get …

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Kindergarteners Learn Composting

High School students speak in kindergarten assembly

On Wednesday, October 18th, Upper School Sustainability Committee members, Sanju Patel, Lia Paisley, Riley Casey, Rinal Dahhan, and Maya Patel, came to the Preschool to teach the kindergarteners about composting.  They gave an informative presentation and taught the children a great rule about what materials can be composted: if something was once alive, it is …

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It’s all happening: Earth Week update

120 members of the class of 2022 are doing 50+ projects (with a bit of assistance from upperclassmen) Thursday, April 21 will be the 1st ever DA Sustainability Fair!

Trick or Treat for Sustainability!

By Matthew Sun ’24, Connor Ennis ’24, and Sanju Patel ’23 On Sunday, October 31, 2021, Upper school Sustainability members Sanju Patel, Connor Ennis, CJ Nwafor, Matthew Sun, Siri Oehler, Holly Wilcox, and Nikolas Larson participated in a dumpster dive chaperoned by Ms. Bessias. Leading up to this, we had previously met with Mr. Benson, …

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US Sustainability Committee Helps the Turkey Trot Go Green!

By Ann Leininger, DA Parents Council Sustainability Liaison Special thanks to the US Sustainability Committee who helped the Parents Association host a green event this past weekend. Students performed a waste stream analysis to determine the types of waste that would be generated during the Turkey Trot. They determined the best management method for each …

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Everyday Stuff: Environmental Impact

Everyday objects explored in LCA's

By Sophie Goin ’22, Ethan Goldstein ’22, Elijah Nambo ’22, Rocco Pacchiana ’22, Thomas Pollard ’24, Ben Taylor ’22 When you buy something, do you think about the life it had before it got to you? What about what happens when you’re finished with it? Our “stuff” contributes significantly to our impact on the environment. …

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Parents Council seeks to Minimize Waste

Rinal and Connor at PC Open House

Collaborates with student Sustainability Committee By Ann Leininger, DA Parents Council Sustainability Liaison This school year, Parents Council volunteers are excited to get back to what we do best:  planning events for our entire DA community to attend.  The Turkey Trot, Used Book Sale and Picnic give families an opportunity to connect and engage with …

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