Category: Solving Solid Waste

Sampson County: Bread Basket and Dumping Ground of NC

Biogas digester

“Should I stay or leave?” That is the question that Denise Robinson from the Environmental Justice Community Action Network (EJCAN) leading us through Sampson county asks herself every day. With the smell from the hog waste and landfill a constant presence, and accessing clean water and pure air almost impossible, it is an understandable question. …

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Uncovering Hidden Carbon Emissions: Life Cycle Analysis

Diagram of package

By Owen Brent-Levenstein and Cana Yao Everything you interact with on a daily basis has a carbon footprint. While you might think of a carbon footprint as a direct product of environmental costs. For example, even just buying a bag of chips can lead to a lot of questions: how were the ingredients sourced? How …

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How low can we go? Reducing trash at concessions stand

Waste receptacles with signs

By Ann Leininger, DA Parents Council Sustainability Liaison Following the lead of the Middle School, parents in charge of the athletics concession stand near the tennis courts set up a waste management station to help customers minimize the waste that goes to landfills. Gatorade bottles, pizza boxes, snack packages, and plastic film (from the cases …

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US Sustainability Committee Helps the Turkey Trot Go Green!

By Ann Leininger, DA Parents Council Sustainability Liaison Special thanks to the US Sustainability Committee who helped the Parents Association host a green event this past weekend. Students performed a waste stream analysis to determine the types of waste that would be generated during the Turkey Trot. They determined the best management method for each …

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Compost: Sustaining Circles of Life

Student wrapping arms around "Feed me" sign on bin

Since the dawn of time, the world has used and reused and reused and reused all of its resources from water, to nutrients, to air, and anything else you can name. The Law of Conservation of Mass still holds true in everything that we do today. Sustainability isn’t stopping some intergalactic cloud from exerting demonic …

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First-Ever Summer Seminar!

Students working at table

28 students, parents, faculty, and staff talk trash for a day On August 11, the Sustainability Committee hosted DA’s first ever summer seminar to learn about recycling and how to reduce waste. The “Don’t Waste It!” workshop was hosted by Chatham County Recycling and Education Specialists, DA Sustainability Coordinator Tina Bessias, Science teachers Andrea Caruso …

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