Climate Change Workshop

Talking about climate change can be hard, but it’s important. So let’s set aside 45 min to consider it, share stories, and identify action steps.

7:30-8:15 pm Wednesday, April 20 (over Teams)


The moderator and creator of this workshop is Mukta Dharmapurkar ’22, who received a Jack Linger Explorer Grant in 2020 to explore the psychology of responses to climate change. She invites you to participate whether you are skeptical or worried, taking action or feeling paralyzed.

You’ll receive an email message with the Teams link on the day of the workshop.

Find out more in this interview of Mukta by Kaitlyn Kushner ’22:

Before or after your workshop, please post a comment below telling us about your “why.” Why do you want to see a healthier planet? Why are you working toward a sustainable lifestyle?


  1. My why:
    I don’t have any little cousins or any younger siblings, but I find myself worrying about what shape the earth is going to be in, in 20, 30, 40 years. As of right now, there really isn’t a second planet we can “start over” on. The damage we have already done to our earth is irreversible, but we have a little time to prevent further destruction. Small actions like cutting down on your meat intake, composting and recycling at home, and picking up trash you see littered, are all examples of things you can do at home or in public easily without having to give a second thought. I talk about the future generations, but it’s our future too. The people before us either, did not care enough and ignored the problem, or they left it for the next generation. We should be different, we shouldn’t leave this problem for the younger kids, because I am concerned that they won’t have a chance to fix the problem. The earth will already be in an unrepairable state. We will have to live through hotter summers and more extreme weather patterns. We will be concerned that extreme events, like what happened in Texas this winter, will continue to happen. We can either prepare or try our best to prevent that type of out of the ordinary weather. And that’s just in the US. There are many countries facing severe droughts and have been for years. If we keep this harsh way of treating the earth, our only earth, we should be concerned for our futures. By continuing to live a sustainable lifestyle, I hope that we can create cleaner and healthier environments for the younger generations.

  2. My brother is my main reason why. He’s six years old and I’m worried for the kind of world he’s going to grow up in. His generation is so young and innocent, it breaks my heart that they’re going to grow up in a world where they might only see pictures of certain animals instead of those animals in real life. It’s terrifying that he might grow up in a world where world hunger is even worse, where it’s globally hotter, where land masses have changed because of rising sea levels and so much more. Because of this, I have a role in the Sunrise movement based in Cary. Started by two DA seniors, our goal is to try and prevent climate change from a local level to try and make change across the nation and even world. We are working towards lots of new things and hope to increase change when it’s easier (ie: after covid). We attended and spoke at a rally even! I think personally though, the little things make me feel like I’m making a change in the world. For example, I’m vegetarian and working on a clean fully vegan diet, try to buy sustainably by thrifting my clothes, and pick up any waste I see when I’m out and about. Secondly, I’m really into the arts: writing, painting, and drawing. By doing this and sharing my work, I want to create a change in someone’s mind and help them see the future of mother earth. I hope by doing this I can create a cleaner and safer world for people like my brother to grow up in.

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