Preschool Faculty Embraces Sustainability

Jessica Whilden, Sloan Nuernberger, Lori Hanks, Elizabeth Parry

The Preschool faculty is embracing sustainability, even when it comes to sustenance.  At the Preschool’s back-to-school faculty meeting this August, our Director, Christian Hairston-Randleman, gave all the teachers culinary kits and water bottles.  She did this to actively support the sustainability initiative at Durham Academy.

Each TOPBOOC culinary kit contains a metal fork, spoon, knife, straws, chopsticks and a cleaning brush.  So, rather than ordering large boxes of plastic silverware as we have in the past, we will only have a few “emergency” supplies for students who have forgotten their utensils for lunch.   Also, the large, metal water bottles have reduced the need to order single-use plastic water bottles.  

Kindergarten teachers Mrs. Whilden, Mrs. Nuernberger, Mrs. Hanks, and Ms. Parry are showing off their culinary commitment to sustainability.

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