How low can we go? Reducing trash at concessions stand

By Ann Leininger, DA Parents Council Sustainability Liaison

Following the lead of the Middle School, parents in charge of the athletics concession stand near the tennis courts set up a waste management station to help customers minimize the waste that goes to landfills. Gatorade bottles, pizza boxes, snack packages, and plastic film (from the cases of soda and Gatorade) have the potential to generate a significant amount of waste!  But the parents adopted the system of fifth grade science teacher Dr. Shebalin and her students, who have set up waste stations with separate containers for recyclables, compostables, plastic film, snack wrappers and trash. Each container has a sign to indicate what goes inside it. The station at the concession stand was set up in time for Alumni Weekend events at the Upper School. Other trash and recycling containers were moved out of the area so that people had to go to the waste management station to dispose of their waste.  Sustainability Committee students were on hand to help with sorting.

The waste management station was well used by all in attendance.  Looking ahead, we hope to establish these waste management stations throughout the Upper School campus.

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