Kindergarteners Learn Composting

On Wednesday, October 18th, Upper School Sustainability Committee members, Sanju Patel, Lia Paisley, Riley Casey, Rinal Dahhan, and Maya Patel, came to the Preschool to teach the kindergarteners about composting.  They gave an informative presentation and taught the children a great rule about what materials can be composted: if something was once alive, it is compostable.

High School students speak in kindergarten assemblyThe Sustainability Club Members then split up and went with individual kindergarten classes back to their rooms.  Each class played a fun and engaging game in which the composting bucket, recycling basket, or trash can were placed in different corners of the room. Kindergarteners were assigned to be banana peels, napkins, candy wrappers, and other items. They had to decide on the proper receptacle and move to that corner of the room.  It was a wonderful and educational time!

Next week, the Sustainability Committee will address the Lower School at an assembly.

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