Choose Your Warpaint

Consider the opportunity to change as something important to our current generation. Small victories are a way to work towards greater ones.

For example, the opportunity to change the type of marking paint we use on our fields in order to help our athletics department to be more sustainable in the future. For our fields at DA, the standard field paint is World Class Field Paint by BeaconAthlectics. The paint is 100% acrylic, CaCO3 free, and “turf-friendly”.

Any other information such as transport details or the production process could not be found on the product listing. While this field paint seems a reliable and high quality source for our athletics department, I present a better, more sustainable option. 

Alternative : AquaStripe zero voc

Pros: Contains zero volatile organic material(voc), which makes it better for the environment. Water-based but still makes a clear mark, and water based paints are better for the environment because they release less harmful chemicals(VOCs for example). Has additives to make for a smoother paint. Includes clearer product listing and specs on the webpage. 

Cons: Water based paints take longer to dry in high humidity or low temperatures, but once fully dry to not wash off. Containers are plastic. 

Price: Quote based on gallon

Amount: 1 gallon or 5 gallon buckets


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