US Sustainability Committee Helps the Turkey Trot Go Green!

By Ann Leininger, DA Parents Council Sustainability Liaison

Sign directing visitors about food wasteSpecial thanks to the US Sustainability Committee who helped the Parents Association host a green event this past weekend. Students performed a waste stream analysis to determine the types of waste that would be generated during the Turkey Trot. They determined the best management method for each waste stream (compost, recycle etc) and then created signage, with re-usable white boards, so that all attendees would know how best to dispose of their waste. They debuted their new “official” tee shirts as they staged waste management areas with containers of various types and stayed on hand to monitor them and answer questions. The presence of the students and the informational signs created a great opportunity to educate all attendees while managing waste in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability Committee members sporting new tee shirts as they set up waste stations

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